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Hosting - let us take the strain

Hosting logoHeritage Cirqa can be hosted locally by your own IT team, but if you (or they) prefer we can host the entire solution for you. Hosting makes it easier for us to support you technically, as direct access to your system means that we can offer additional problem-solving assistance and faster resolution times. You won’t have to go into lengthy explanations of your issues as we can take a look ourselves. You don’t even need to be there!

IS Oxford have been hosting our catalogue for a while now and could not have been more helpful. We had a very slow response from our previous host, with insufficient priority given to our needs. Now they do all the upgrades, backups and if we have to change settings IS Oxford’s instructions are clear. I can truly recommend it especially since there is limited technical help available at the school.

Elizabeth Kosinski, Adams Grammar School

When comparing different hosted library management systems it is important to bear in mind that our hosting service is a premium fully-managed service. We are very aware that customers coming to us from other suppliers have had very different experiences with hosting (slow connection speeds, limited access to system configuration, repeated unexpected downtime).Our other hosting customers include the NHS, MOD and Further Education Colleges, all of which require very high specification services. We provide our schools with exactly the same level of service.

Rapid patching and updates

With direct access to hosted systems, our support team is often able to patch or update Heritage Cirqa installations at a mutually agreed time before updates are made publicly available and often without interruption to the customer.

Better support access

When a customer reports a problem, resolution times are often around three times quicker due to our support team having direct access to and familiarity with their hosted system. Furthermore, any requirement to involve local IT staff is minimised, because our support team can be the first port of call..

Strong System Security

Keeping customer systems safe and secure is of prime importance to us. Heritage Cirqa hosted servers are located in a highly secured datacentre here in the UK. With heavily restricted physical access, strong firewall protection, IP address filtering and tight access policies, we offer a very high level of protection. We use Windows Server 2012R2 (Server Core Edition) for extra security, efficiency and with regular OS updates and active Virus Protection for complete peace of mind..

Sophisticated and Robust Backups

Heritage Cirqa hosted systems are supported by a sophisticated backup facility with two independent procedures which include the following functions: off-site backup, 256 AES encryption, validation checks and automated failure notification. We know exactly which folders and files require backing up and retain multiple copies through time, so we are almost certainly able to restore data required by the customer from any point in the previous 12 months..

Automated monitoring

We have dedicated staff assigned to each hosted system. Automated monitoring and notification alerts are brought to our attention within minutes of a system not behaving properly and our team can fix problems quickly, often before the customer even knows they have occurred. Some examples from the past twelve months include runaway banded reports, services requiring a restart, web filtering, data corruption and ‘lookup’ issues..

Consistent Service

Hosted customers are supplied with their own dedicated virtual server and enjoy the benefits of single-purpose servers, devoted purely to running Heritage Cirqa and Heritage Online. There is no conflicting software, no unnecessary upgrades, no server relocation or redeployment. We guarantee 99% server uptime and a maximum of 3 working hours of unscheduled system downtime per year..

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More information

For more information on our hosting service we have produced a hosting document that might be useful to pass on to your IT colleagues and head teacher.