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Is the support provided by your current supplier a bit too remote?

Support when you need itIncreasingly, we hear rumours of unhappiness amongst school librarians about the quality of support they are receiving. Stories of system suppliers who don’t answer the phone, users kept waiting on the line for ages. Then there are the unresolved issues that go on for months and the significant price increases, out of the blue, with no guarantees of improvement. This is stressful, confidence destroying and detrimental to already hard-pressed librarians. It doesn’t have to be this way!


A good support service has many components, but the most important of all is good people. Our support service is better than most of our rivals because we employ high quality people, in sufficient numbers, to provide a consistently superior service all of the time.

One of our support engineers

Since we switched two and a bit years ago, I have been really impressed with Heritage and the team at IS Oxford are always helpful, so please pass on my thanks to the team for a great system and staff.

Laura Moss, Hills Road Sixth Form College

Support management

Underpinning the efforts of our support staff is an excellent call management system, tailored to the needs of our customers. Every call is logged by a support receptionist, who ensures that the right member of staff is assigned the query. If the call can be dealt with easily then it will be at that point.

The contact management system has safeguards and notices that ensure nothing is left to chance and nobody is lost or forgotten about. The system is set up to prompt support engineers when agreed courses of action are required, such as appointments to address issues at agreed times, for example when the library is quiet and hard-pressed staff are free to attend to the matter.

Remote resolution

Remote technologies allow our support engineers to access your Heritage Cirqa system (with your permission of course). They can share your screen and diagnose and fix problems as if they were there in the room with you. At all times during a logged-in support call support staff will talk you through every aspect of their investigation and consult you as to preferred resolution options.

Ultimately I know I'm going to get a detailed response and that any Heritage-related questions I may have are going to be resolved. the team at I.S. Oxford will always help me to get where I need to be.

Christian Wheeldon, Gosforth Academy

User forum

Many of our users make full use of our Marvin user forum which is a great place for our wider user community and us to share knowledge and ask questions. This is a fascinating and endlessly helpful environment in which no question is too silly and the generosity of fellow librarians is often impressive. It is a place for opinion too and people share their thoughts on new developments and releases as well as ideas they have in their libraries that might be useful to others.

Support Website

A dedicated website is available only to Heritage users. This is a first port of call if you need access to an extensive library of Help sheets and Quick tips and it is updated regularly with the latest information.

Upgrades and patches can be downloaded from here and you can book training courses too. You can also view and update any cases you have logged with our support team.

Linking to our main website


Heritage Cirqa has been carefully designed to make managing your school library as simple and straightforward as possible. There are a wealth of labour-saving features, but unless you know they are there and how to use them you won’t get the best out of the system. Training is therefore essential. Our trainers understand how school libraries operate and have many years of experience in introducing school librarians to the features in Heritage Cirqa that will really benefit them.

The training was organised to help me set up Heritage for use in our Library service and to customise some aspects of the system. Tom was extremely methodical, helpful and patient and we were able to achieve all of the necessary aims.

Paul Fletcher, Dulwich College

Heritage Cirqa training is available in various forms that can be tailored to match your individual requirements and budget:

• Training at your site - perfect if you are unable to co-ordinate staff to come to Oxford or just prefer to learn in your own environment.

• Training in Oxford - perfect if you want to learn without distraction with professional facilities.

• Regional Workshops - share the cost of training with other institutions.

• eTrainer Service - get one-to-one tuition over the internet and by phone.

"The general feedback from our staff was that it was the best training they've had for a long time!"

Sally Woodley, Sir John Deane's Sixth Form College