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A library management system fit for purpose

Powerful system iconHeritage Cirqa is one of the finest library management systems available today. Used in over 350 schools in the UK alone, this system balances price and performance like no other. Here's a few of the great benefits it could bring to your school library.

Managing your Library

Busy school libraries need a system that is user-friendly, packed with useful features and most importantly robust. All the bells and whistles in the world won’t help if you can’t run your overdues when you need to! Heritage Cirqa offers clear, uncluttered screens and our team will help you set up your system so it is ready to use from day one. Routine tasks such as emailing notices, importing borrower details and producing reports can be scheduled to happen automatically.

Our quick cataloguing module imports book records for you to save time, and their covers are automatically displayed on the online catalogue. Different layouts for DVDs, websites, PDFs etc are provided so Heritage Online really will be a one-stop shop for all your resources.

We will help you set up circulation rules so Heritage Cirqa can manage loans effectively and optimise the availability of your stock. At the issue desk everything is at your fingertips – nothing is more than one mouse-click away. You can even use our quick loan facility to lend your students things like phone chargers and staplers, without cataloguing them first.

Heritage Cirqa also includes a comprehensive stocktaking facility, which enables you to just stocktake a few shelves at a time if necessary. It is also possible to put expiry and review dates on items so you’re reminded when to remove them when they are no longer needed. If you need to make global changes to your data there are simple tools provided and you will always have a copy of your data to hand to practice on first. Nothing is left to chance..

Promoting your Library

Heritage Cirqa includes tools to help you keep your library at the forefront of your students’ minds. It can integrate with your school’s virtual learning environment (e.g. Frog,Firefly or Moodle) and information from the library can be displayed on the student dashboard, with a ‘Search the library’ widget offering a doorway directly into Heritage Online.

A range of tailored interfaces for Heritage Online can be provided to suit the changing needs of your students as they move up the school. These ‘Enquiry groups’ control the information and options that are displayed to them. They can have customised news and search hints that will draw attention to more resources both inside and outside the library. You can even offer a current awareness facility so that they are automatically informed of new items in stock they may find of interest..

Engaging your Users

Students can access Heritage Online and the MyCirqa app from any mobile device. They can view their own loans and renew items or cancel reservations, managing their own relationship with the library on the go. Heritage Online offers attractive cyclical and revolving widgets, which can feature the covers of recommended books. Google previews are displayed where available. Students can review items and share those reviews online.

MyCirqa app owl logo Teachers can create reading lists and share them with their students. Programs such as Accelerated reader are supported, and content can be imported from providers such as ClickView or Planet eStream to complement your catalogue.

Heritage Online also offers the opportunity for you to promote any online databases you subscribe to, such as JSTOR or Britannica School, via free search widgets on the home page..

Reporting to Management

One of the real strengths of Heritage Cirqa is the Reports Manager. Over 1000 reports are included as standard, easy to find and easy to edit. You can build up a portfolio of your favourite ‘go to’ reports and even schedule them to be emailed to you on a regular basis.

You can report on any data held in the system so everything really is at your fingertips. We’ve probably thought of reports you didn’t know you needed, such as the usage of items within your library at breaktime, or search terms your students are using that get no hits. Reports give you the power to improve your service and really deliver what your students and your school deserve from their library..

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Switching to Heritage Cirqa with your current data

If you already have a library management system at your school the chances are you have already invested considerable time in creating and maintaining your library catalogue. If you are happy that your data is accurate and consistent then it is highly likely that you will wish to transfer it to your new system.

Our data conversion team are very experienced in the process. Even prior to purchase we can analyse your data to provide a firm quotation for the conversion, during which we will do our best to tidy up any errors and inconsistencies in order to give you the best catalogue upon which to build.

The conversion process is undertaken in two steps: we first perform a trial conversion so that you can review your data in the Heritage Cirqa forms and ensure that you are happy that everything is as it should be. Changes can be requested at this point. The second stage is undertaken just before you go live, with a fresh copy of your data so that items on loan in your previous system will be on loan in Heritage Cirqa, to the same readers with the same due dates.

If you decide that you do not trust your current data and you’d rather start again from scratch, then you can save the cost of the conversion and instead catalogue your stock quickly and easily using our Quickcat Online module. This obviously requires a greater investment in your time than a data conversion, but if your present data is the result of many years of inputting by many different staff you might relish the prospect of a shiny new catalogue that is exactly as you want it!

Regardless of whether you have a data conversion or not, IS Oxford offer a free project management service to ensure that your implementation goes as smoothly as possible.